Welcome to The Chocolate Fountain Co.

We are Sydney’s largest and best value for money chocolate fountain hire company. We provide a full delivery, set up and cleaning service, so you can relax and enjoy the chocolate fountain without any of the work. We have a large selection of chocolate fondue packages, with options to cater from as little as 20 guests, right up to 400 plus for a major event or large wedding. Be sure to check out our packages page for a complete list of all our hire deals.


Our Guarantee

  • Sydney’s cheapest chocolate fountain machine hire, if you find a better price for the same package, we will beat it
  • Only the best Callebaut Belgian chocolate used
  • A full hire package inclusive of set up, pack down and cleaning
  • Each machine is cleaned and sanitised after each function
  • Reliable American chocolate fondue machines, not cheap Chinese copies that can break down
  • Choose from milk, dark or white chocolate, or even a custom colour
  • Sydney’s largest range of chocolate fondue machines hire packages to suit any guest size

What is a Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain is like a waterfall of chocolate. It has a base that holds the chocolate and a stem with tiers which the running chocolate flows down. Chocolate beads are melted in the base which is heated by electric elements. Once the chocolate is melted, a switch is turned on that starts the fountain. A hollow tube in the middle contains an auger spiral that spins and carries the liquid chocolate from the base to the top of the fountain. The liquid chocolate then flows down the tiers creating a seamless flow of chocolate, almost like a cascading waterfall.

What Type of Events is Chocolate Fondue Suitable for?

Chocolate fondue can be used at any type of function. They are commonly used at weddings, birthdays, corporate events, product launches, trade shows, conferences, carnivals, school fetes, dinners and presentations to name a few. Whatever your event, a chocolate fountain can add that “wow” factor or add a delicious addition to your menu.

What Foods Can Be Dipped In The Chocolate Fountain?

Each package provided by the Chocolate Fountain Co contains marshmallows. Marshmallows are the most common dipping food. Other popular dipping foods include strawberries, banana, pineapple, rock melon, honey dew, cake pops, wafers and cup cakes, all of which we can provide at a small additional cost. Your are welcome to add your own items to dip into the chocolate fountains, or we are happy to help with anything you want to dip into it.

How Do I Know Which Chocolate Fountain Hire Package Is Best For Me?

We have a large range of chocolate fondue packages for hire. There are packages which serve from as little as 20 guests, right up to over 400 guests. Different variables affect consumption, so it is important to understand these factors when choosing which chocolate fountain package is best suited for your event. These are explained below:
The age of the guests: parties which have a lot of children tend to go through more chocolate. This is because children tend to have more of a sweet tooth than adults. You should cater a little bit more for these type of parties.
The type of event: different events affect consumption. For example, guests at cocktail parties where there is a lot of drinking and socialising wont consume as much, where as guests at a wedding or birthday will consume more.
Alternative dessert options: If the chocolate fountain is going to be the only dessert option, than you need to cater a little bit more. If you are having a range of desserts, you wont need as much chocolate.